29 FEB - 14 AUG 2020



A Discipleship Training School (DTS) is the foundational school in Youth with a Mission. For six months students radically experience God and are transformed through learning what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.


What does it look like when we pray "Your Kingdom Come, Your Will be Done" in this day and age? Life and hope are breathed into broken lives.  Healing and recovery come to the wounded and diseased. Individuals and communities are reconciled to each other and to God. These are the works that Jesus came to do - and that he invites all of us to join him in doing.

When you join the Awakening DTS in Berlin, Germany, you will have an opportunity to grow deeper in your personal relationship with God and your understanding of your identity in Christ. You will learn how to hear and obey the voice of God; walk in His presence; and deepen your understanding of the Bible - breathed on by the Holy Spirit - and how it is relevant for your life on a daily basis. You will engage in dynamic worship and gain a compassionate heart for the world through regular opportunities for intercession.

You will also gain perspective on the many ways we can live our lives on mission, as influencers and activators in the realms of business, government, education, media, sports, arts & entertainment, and the Church.


Come discover your part in God's purpose for the world and what you uniquely carry, create, and share with others around you. Gain skill, confidence and expand your capacity to correctly handle these "greater things" with excellence (John 14:12). You'll also have a lot of fun and build friendships while learning to do so!

During the first 12 weeks (Lecture Phase), you’ll learn not only in a classroom setting, but also by living in community and hands-on practical experience. You will have opportunities to meet and connect with displaced peoples living in Berlin. Also you'll get to distribute Bibles - offering the opportunity for people to encounter God through His living Word and the Holy Spirit.

During the 12 week Practical Phase (Outreach Phase), you’ll apply what you learned in the Lecture Phase through an adventurous, Spirit-led cross-cultural experience.

PEACEMAKERS Track (Optional)

Our world is increasingly divided and on the move at rapid rates like never seen before. In Germany alone, over one million refugees, fleeing conflict, have arrived since 2015. The former Berlin Wall is a visible reminder of the separation of a nation, a city, and even families. As our society is becoming more polarized, we can put up walls in our own hearts with harmful judgments and hostility toward others.

Jesus calls us to more! Jesus calls us into the heart of the world and its problems, empowering us by His Spirit, and showing us how to be peacemakers.

Come and join us, as we journey together in an optional Peacemakers Track.  You'll engage in 4-5 hours per week of focused learning and practical application of Jesus-centred peacemaking and reconciliation.

The Peacemakers Outreach Phase will involve becoming immersed in intentional community with young people from diverse faith and ethnic backgrounds.  We will share our stories, learn about cross-cultural collaboration, and do service projects together.



A portion of our Awakening DTS 2020 Outreach Phase will be serving and supporting the AWAKENING EUROPE movement which has been holding festivals in Europe since 2015. The festivals are focused on awakening a generation to follow Jesus through gospel preaching and training young people to live a lifestyle of mission - through worship, prayer, and acts of compassion displaying God's goodness and power.

Awakening 2020: The Call Back (30 July - 2 August in Rotterdam, Netherlands) will be the biggest Awakening Europe yet!! God is calling back people from all over the earth who have European heritage for an Awakening event that will reach thousands of people at once. There will be outreaches in Amsterdam, including the red light district, and much more during the event.  After the Awakening event, teams will all go across Europe to approximately 20 different cities at the same time, doing meetings and flooding the streets with the Good News of Jesus. Ministries from across the globe are joining in, including YWAM, Bethel, Jesus Culture, Dunamis Movement, Lifestyle Christianity, Europe Shall Be Saved, and more.  As well, almost every denomination in the Netherlands will be represented. 

Awakening Europe events have previously been held in Germany, Sweden, Czech Republic, Latvia, and Austria.


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